Our Services

Credit Repair & Analysis 

Once you have signed up for our credit restoration services, we will fully review your credit history and dissect your current credit status. To insure proficiency, you will be required to register a account for our preferred credit monitoring service through Experian. You will be assigned a Board Certified Credit Consultant to provide hands on guidance in the process of obtaining your credit and revamping your credit portfolio.


We will provide strategic solutions to increase your credit score and ensure that you have the resources to maintain a high score. Our goal is to inform you on the techniques and provide step- by-step credit education used to achieve good credit history. Throughout the revamping process until your contract term elapsed. We do the WORK for you!


Focus Areas: 

  1. Credit Analysis 

  2. Credit Accuracy 

  3. Credit Disputes 

  4. Credit Recommendations and Follow- Up 


Budget Consultation 

In preparing for your financial future, having control over your finances is key to laying a solid foundation. In order to accomplish your goals, you must prioritize your responsibilities and create a plan for maintaining your finances.


This begins with implementing a budget that will allow you to save and invest your money. Let us assist you with regaining your financial power by balancing your expenses and financial goals. 

Focus Areas: 

  1. Monthly Budgeting 

  2. Debt Elimination 

  3. Business Budgeting Planning 



Hands- on resources, financial expenses vs. debt breakdown during consulting & follow-up. 

Small Business & Nonprofit Startup


We aim to assist business owners and nonprofit organizations with establishing & registering your business entity with your local state treasury. We will provide the necessary resources and documentation to execute your idea and into a legal entity. This Package is perfect for people looking to take the next step into entrepreneurship and create the right business that coincides with their target market needs. 


Focus Areas: 

1.     Articles of Organization 

2.     Business Plan Templates 

3.     Cashflow Manager Software 

4.     NonProfit Organization Resourcing 


Included: Licensing and Regulatory Affairs and registering your NonProfit organization assistance. 

Credit Enhancement Program


Get ready to change your credit score and see REAL results! The Credit Enhancement Program is designed for YOU to learn how to rebuild your credit. 


We included :

1. A personalized credit repair plan showing items that need to be disputed in order to achieve your financial goals. 

2. Dispute letters provided for you to challenge those accounts. 

3. Action plan that includes  steps to settling accounts on your credit report. 


This program is best if you are in need of credit repair, and are willing to learn the process of credit repair. Real Financial Solutions will provide hands- on assistance to help you stay on track to reach your financial goals. 

Life & Health Insurance


Preparing for your family's financial future is key to creating generational wealth. Selecting the right life and health insurance policy can be a cumbersome task. However, Real Financial Solutions Life Insurance Consultation makes this process easy. We will ensure that you are matched with the correct and affordable policy that inlines  your current lifestyle and family needs.